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Implementing Information and Communication Technology systems since 2000.
We apply our technical expertise to minimize the ICT cost for our clients,
while maximizing the benefits they get from their investment in technology.

Our services


Wireless Networks

We can cover all your needs: from simple office installations to metropolitan wireless networks with thousands of users (network design and implementation).

If what you need is feasible, we have a solution for you. This is our job for more than twenty years


Managed ICT Services

Are you a small company or a branch office with no in house ICT personnel?

We can be your ICT department! Our experienced engineers will cover all your operational needs 24x7, under an annual contract.


Turn key solutions

Are you establishing a new installation? Are you planning for a radical upgrade of your ICT infrastructure?

We will design the best solution for you and provide you all the needed hardware software and installation services on a turn-key basis.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Do you want to minimize the operational cost of your ICT infrastructure and in the mean time increase its reliability and availability? 

If the answer is am emphatic "YES!" but you do not want to spend a fortune implementing a traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (vdi) solution, you must try unidox a smart vdi solution developed by Wired & Wireless Networks. For more information on unidox, read this two-page intoduction and this five-slides persentation.


Voice Over IP

Do you think it is time to retire your legacy PBX and enjoy the benefits of Voice Over Internet Protocol (voip) technology such as cost reduction, flexibility in communications, portability of your voice endpoint and extra services such as videoconferencing?

If you do, Wired & Wireless Networks can design and implement the most suitable to your needs voip solution.


Cloud Computing

Do you want to focus on your core business and delegate your data center operations to a specialized infrastructure provider? In other words, are you ready to leverage the benefits of cloud computing?

If you are, we can virtualize your servers and personal computers and move them to the cloud. We can use your own infrastructure provider or we can become your infrastructure provider and offer you resources from our servers which are located at the most advanced European datacenters. 

Ready to find out more?

Do you want to explore what Wired & Wireless Networks can do for your company, or for you as an individual?


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